Term Dates and Fees

Term Dates 2017
Term Start Finish
 1 Thursday, 9 February Saturday, 15 April
 2 Thursday, 4 May Saturday, 8 July
 3 Thursday, 27 July Saturday, 30 September
 4 Thursday, 19 October Saturday, 16 December

Term Dates 2018
Term Start Finish
 1 Thursday, 1 February Saturday, 14 April
 2 Thursday, 3 May Saturday, 7 July
 3 Thursday, 26 July Saturday, 29 September
 4 Thursday, 18 October Saturday, 15 December
Library is closed on all public holidays 

The library operates on an annual membership basis. Members who join part way through the year pay on a proportional basis, as shown below. Membership fees are non-refundable.

Membership Plan Fees Duties Fundraising Events
Early bird $72.00 4 2
Full year $80.00 4 2
Three terms $60.00 3 2
Two terms $50.00 2 1
One term $30.00 1 None
Opt-out option for membership
We understand that for some members it is not feasible to take part in library duty or fundraising activities. For an additional fee members can choose to opt out of one or both of these activities.
Duty Fee Payable
Library Duty $20 per duty When joining/renewing membership or prior to commencement of the term the duty is required for.
Fundraising $20 per event At the time of the fundraising event.
Party pack

We are proudly affiliated with:
Toy Library Federation of New Zealand
Johnsonville Community Centre