Being a Member

As the library is run by volunteers, each family is required to complete four duties per year during the library opening hours.
This is how we are able to keep our membership subscriptions so low. Please don't worry; duties are not onerous but are fun and provide you with a great opportunity for meeting other members living in our community.

There is a duty roster in the Toy Library so you can pick and choose which days would suit you best. The duties involve assisting the librarian with issues and returns, helping new members and processing any new toys.

We understand that for some members it is not feasible to take part in library duty. For $20 per duty, paid a minimum of one term in advance, you can opt out of a library duty.

Loan Conditions
Each member can borrow a maximum of three toys, three puzzles and three games (a total of nine items) at any one time. Toys are on loan for a two week period. It's extended if school holidays fall within the loan period. For example, toys borrowed just before the Christmas holidays can be kept until the toy library reopens in term 1, (if your membership is current).

Renewing Toys
The terms for renewing toys differs depending on the age of the toy being borrowed:
Age of toy Renewal
Between six and twelve months Once at a cost of $1
Over twelve months Once at no cost
Responsibilities for borrowed toys Members are responsible for caring for all toys that they have borrowed. This includes:
  • Protecting toys and their packaging from damage
  • Keeping toys away from heat sources
  • Returning the toys clean
  • Advising the librarian of any damage that has occurred

Battery-operated toys are supplied without batteries, so you need to use your own.

Fines are a necessary part of ensuring the library operates smoothly and equitably to all members. There are fines for overdue, damaged and dirty toys.

Fines for overdue, damaged and dirty toys
Toy Overdue$1 per toy, per week
Toy returned with a missing piece (including packaging)$8 per piece missing
Note: Fine is refundable if missing piece found
Toy returned with a damaged piece; toy still usable$8 per broken peice
Toy returned damaged; toy is unusableReplacement cost of toy
Toy returned dirty$5 per toy

Fines for missing a library duty
If you are unable to do your library duty it is your responsibility to arrange to swap with another member, or to pay the $20 opt-out fee at least one term in advance. If you choose to swap, you can contact us for a member list. Please update the roster at the Toy Library, if possible, or email us details of the swap. If you do not turn up for your library duty, you will be charged $25 and your membership will be suspended until the fine is paid.

Present your issue receipt showing the items borrowed to the duty volunteers at the Returns Desk and have the toys ready for checking.

To save time please ensure that any board puzzles are completed.

Pay any fees owing to the librarian at the Issue Desk.

If you forgot your issue receipt you can retrieve them a duplicate copy from the librarian's desk. All issue receipts are filed alphabetically by last name.

A vital source of funds for the toy library is gathered through fundraising activities. Money raised from fundraising is used to cover the library operating expenses and the purchase of new toys.

Each member is required to participate in two fundraising events per year.